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1972-1980: The next pastor, Rev. William L. Cody, enabled St. James to be among the first to provide transportation for its members by purchasing a station wagon.  The heating system was converted from oil to gas.  The Generations of the Spirit Choir, one of St. James' most well-known choirs, was formed.

1980-1981: Under the leadership of Rev. Fred Tennie, the stained glass windows were releaded and storm windows installed.  The pipe organ was rebuilt. 

1981-2001: Rev. Horace E. Burton, Sr. had the longest tenure of any pastor.  Under his leadership a new roof was installed, many renovations took place, an electric lift installed and a new mini-bus purchased.  Rev. Burton revised the Class Leader System by appointing twenty-eight class leaders with four ministerial overseers. St. James purchased several lots on New York Avenue between Arctic and Baltic in preparation for future church expansion. 

2001-2002: Under the leadership of Rev. Trevor E. Woolridge, lights were placed on the outside of the church and the security system was improved.

2002-2003: The late Rev. Charles E. Martin served as pastor - and was committed to restoring harmony to the congregation. 

2003-2004: St. James had an Interim Pastor until the Rev. Edward B. Smart was appointed in June 2003.  Rev. Smart continued the renovation and rebuilding program for both the church and the parsonage. He reemphasized our ambitious Building Trust Fund to defray the expenses of a massive reconstruction.


2004-2007: Rev. Louis P. Attles produced a variety of written materials and led the congregation in reading the Daily Walk Bible.

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