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1897: A second story was added to St. James during the pastorate of Rev. Joseph Thompson.  

1899: A parsonage was built on a lot between the church and Bay Street when Rev. William R. Fickland was pastor.  

1905-1910: The church was enlarged to its present size, enclosed with brick, and a pipe organ was installed.  The first Deaconess Board in the East was organized under the leadership of Rev. Abraham Lincoln Murray. 


1910-1918: The second pipe organ was installed during the pastorate of Rev. Harry P. Anderson. 

1918-1921: The parsonage at 117 N. Pennsylvania Avenue was purchased when Rev. Daniel J. Brown was pastor. 

1921-1928: Mortgages on the parsonage and church totaling $19,000 were paid, Rev. Albert C. Sanders, pastor. 

1928-1931: Rev. William H. Hoxter kept the church debt free, despite the Great Depression. 

1931-1933: Rev. Joseph E. Jackson introduced the budget system and contribution envelopes. 

1933-1937: Rev. Albert C. Sanders, the only pastor appointed to St. James for a second time, served. 

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